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Crossroads - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

The trial of Doctor Gaius Baltar begins in this episode. He is charged with the deaths of 5000 people on the planet of New Caprica. Those that are called to the stand during the episode are President Laura Roslin and Col. Saul Tigh. The defence laywers accuse Tigh of being a drunk and everyone finds out who killed Elen Tigh and why. Tigh takes the stand drunk but persists. They get out of Roslin the fact that's she using Diloxin, a drug used in the treatment of Cancer which can create hallucinations. Laura reveals to everyone that her cancer has returned.

Throughout the episode, Samuel Anders, Tory Foster, Cpl. Tyrol and Col. Saul Tigh all keep hearing music that no one else can hear. The Battlestar crew learn that the Cylons are finding them because of a trail being left by one of their ships. They decide to use that to their advantage by sending that ship in a different direction to the rest fleet. Once the ship is away from the rest of the group, it will repair the leak and jump back to the rest of the team. They are alerted to the leak by the Number Six that they have in the brig.

Col. Saul Tigh questions the Number Six clone that they have in the brig to find out how the Cylons keep finding them. The Number Six reveals that there is a radiation leak in the Tylium reprocessing plant and that the Cylons have discovered this and is using it to track the Armada.

Captain Lee Adama wants to join the defence team after discussing the court proceedings with his father Commander William Adama but its something that Bill Adama doesn't want to happen.

The lead judge in the tribunal is played by Susan Hogan, the real life wife of Michael Hogan who plays Colonel Saul Tigh.

Part 2

Lieutenant Kara Thrace hasn't been gone long but already Samuel Anders has moved on and is trying it on with Tory Foster. It gets uncomfortable when Anders and Tory are discovered together in Sam's room with Sam doing his top up by Seelix.

The court case trying Gaius is continuing and Lieutenant Felix Gaeta gets call to the stand. Under questioning, Gaeta says that he saw Gaius sign the order that saw a number of people about to be executed. However, in actuality, it never happened. An Aaron Doral held a gun to Gaius's head and forced him to sign it. Its a clear case of perjury but its going to be difficult to prove.

The President is in the sickbay and she has the recurring dream of her chasing Hera in an opera house before the child is picked up by a Number Six clone and taken through some a doorway into the light. When the President screams so does Lieutenant Sharon Valerii who is in another cubicle in the sick bay. The two women visit the Number Six clone for answers.

Romo Lampkin calls Lee to the stand where Lee rips into the hypocrisy that other people have been forgiven for what would be deemed as crimes but Gaius is the only one who is under the threat of the death sentence. It would seem his speech has won over the tribunal and Gaius is found not guilty. William Adama reveals to Laura that he voted in favour of Gaius.

There's a power outage across all the ships in the armada. During the outage, Tory, Tigh, Tyrol and Anders all converge on the spot where the sound that they've been hearing throughout the episodes is coming from. They come to the conclusion that they are all Cylons. The power comes back on and Cylon Basestar s are spotted, Tigh returns to control.

When the Cylons attack, the Colonial Vipers are despatched and Lee takes part. During his flight, he is surprised to see a Viper appear containing Starbuck who announces she's found Earth and is going to take them there.

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