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Andromeda - Cui Bono

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant is asked to protect someone on board a craft travelling between worlds. When that person arrives on board, Rebekah Valentine is shocked to see that it is Uncle Sid, the very same uncle who tried to kill her previously. Orders are orders and Dylan Hunt is obliged to obey. During the time Sid is in their charge, there is an assassination attempt made on his life.

Unconscious but still alive, Seamus Harper is able to set up a communication link to Sid's brain. The crew are able to communicate with him through a virtual reality system. Dylan, Tyr Anasazi and the rest of the Andromeda try to discover who attempted the kill. They learn their job is made difficult by the existence of a revenge fund. A revenge fund is a reward for who kills the killer of the owner of the revenge fund.

When the investigation leads to a rival on the planet for the election, Tyr Anasazi, Beka and Dylan travel to the planet to arrest the suspect. Other people have plans on the rival and the rival is killed during an assassination.

When Sid wakes up, he takes the Eureka out of the docking bay to escape. Beka dashes to her craft and makes it aboard. The craft is attacked by mercenaries who want Sid. Beka and Sid have to fend off the attackers until they can be supported by Tyr and Dylan. Sid finally arrives at his destination but looses the vote.

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