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Dance of the Mayflies - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant are involved in the rescue of survivors from a Commonwealth ally, the Than. The crew manage to get everyone off the space station before the space station explodes but the Than continue their attack on the Andromeda.

Dylan Hunt orders Seamus Harper to take the Eureka Maru and get off the Ascendant to protect himself as he has a different biology compared to the others. Whilst the Eureka Maru leaves, it does not contain Seamus Harper who stays onboard the Ascendant wearing a face mask to protect himself.

Rommie reports that the weaponry used on the space station isn't nuclear or chemical but is biological. Rebekah Valentine becomes infected by the virus and is told that the virus will win if Rebekah falls asleep like the others.

The dead who had been placed in body bags start to wake up in a living dead zombie like status. The Zombies start to take over the ship but the ships weapons prove ineffectual against the Zombies who are already dead. Seamus Harper witnesses three Zombies rewire the Ascendant's electronics and one gets electrocuted. The crew now have a way to fight back by turning their force lances into electrocutions weapons.

Trance Gemini becomes infected from all the work she's been doing trying to keep Rebekah Valentine awake. Unlike the other victims, Trance communicates with the other members of the crew. Trance tells Dylan that they are they are the Boku and they want the bodies. Rommie fights with Trance but its a stalemate and Rommie backs off. The surviving members of the crew resist the walking undead.

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