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Built, not Born - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

When the crew of the Raza discover a coded message in the upgrade chip that Android was given, they travel to the planet called Antares 7 where they meet with a familiar robot clone. The planet is martian in looks. Also on the planet are a group of androids led by the charismatic Victor.

On the planet is a secret place for the androids to hide from people. It is the storage place for Doctor Irina Shaw, the brains behind both Android and Portia Lin. We find out more details about the Portia's past and how she was in a relationship with Irina before things got terminated.

Irina's body is being kept in a frozen like state which if she was to bought out of, she might die. It is suggested to use some of Portia's nanites to wake her up which is does. Irina tells the crew of the Raza details of the past.

Things are looking up for Sarah as the Androids say that they can provide her with a body for which to experience the real world. It is something that is very pleasing for Marcus Boone to hear that he can see and really touch his girlfriend once more rather than having just a virtual reality to deal with. When Sarah's body is revealed, Irina Shaw and Victor reveal their true intentions but we don't know what they are exactly.

Episode Details

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