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/ Dark Matter / Portal

Dark Matter - Episode 1

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the unknown craft wake up one at a time and try to work out what is going on. As they have forgotten their names, they have assigned each one a number to indicate the order in which they woke up. Once everyone has woken up, they set about looking round the craft. During the search, they come across a female Android that tries to kill members of the group before Portia Lin can shut the Android down. Portia manages to reprogramme the Android to help the crew with finding out what is going on.

Android manages to fix part of the ships computers and tell them where the ship was supposedly heading. On the way to their destination, they are attacked by another ship but thanks to Android's skill, they are able to avoid the missiles that were fired at them.

Part of the group travel down to the planet to find out more. The leader on the mining colony tells them that they were expecting weapon supplies to protect them from a group of Rokkers, lizard like mercenaries sent to annihilate the colony. Earlier, Three had discovered a cache of weapons onboard the ship that they were on, they believe the weapons were being transported to the colony to help those on the planet.

Once the landing party are back on board the ship, Android reveals she has managed to repair the ships computer and work out everyone's identities. The crew weren't sent to help the colony, they had been sent to kill the colony.

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