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Episode 10 - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

Following on from the previous episode with Ferrous Corporation ships surrounding the Raza, the Ferrous ships fire a nuclear wearpon at Raza. Two calls the Ferrous's bluff and the nuclear missile is disarmed. At that point Commander Truffault turns up to ward off the Ferrous ships. Truffault offers the Raza crew a mission where Two says that they're not interested and Truffault gives the crew twenty four hours to reconsider and a location where to meet.

The men meet without the women to discuss what they want. The men are in agreement of what next to do and its One who has to tell Two what they've decided. Two accepts the decision and the Raza goes to the rendezvous point where they meet a solitaire man who looks a bit like Che Guevara and after a stand off Truffault appears and explains the mission. Truffault wants the teams to work together to get into a space station and steal a device which Truffault won't reveal what it is.

The leader of the other group tries it on with One and comes off worst with a broken arm, leg and privates. They now have no one to break into the safe however Five volunteers to go but Six tries to stop her. In the end, Five ends up going after being smuggled into the space station hidden in a trolley. The mission seems to go ok until they discover an Android blocking their way and have to deal with it. The android team consists of Three, One and one member of the other team. Five manages to disable to the robot using batteries that they had planned to use to break into the vault, Five comes up with a solution and breaks open the door. They steal the item and escape.

Cornered by the station security, Four comes to the teams rescues and they escape. On the Raza, they celebrate after hiding the item in a lock. Whilsts things are going well, things are afoot and the other leader overpowers Android and the crew of Raza are overpowered. One, Three, Four, Five and Six are held in the kitchen and Two who is the leader of the group is held in airlock until the location of the device and password is revealed. Before One reveals the password, Three blurts out Maplethorpe and the other group secure the device. The airlock is opened and One is released.

Episode Details

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