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Episode 11 - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

With Two/Rebecca/Portia Linn having shot out an airlock, the rest are locked up in a secure airtight room with air running thin. On the way to the hold, Three and Four try to take out to of the hostage takers but fail in their objective. One is taken away for qustioning but Wexler, the leader of the hijackers doesn't like the answers and tries to torture One but it doesn't seem to work, so he orders Five/Das/Emily Kolburn to brought down and tortued.

There is a sudden malfunction and Wexler orders that Five be brought to the bridge to resolve the issue. Five tells Wexler than the only way to resolve the situation is to send someone outside in a spacesuit to fix it. One of the hostage takers agrees to go out. When he steps outside the airlock, he is attacked and killed. The airlock room is compressionised again and Two is revealed to be still alive. She makes her way out of the airlock area and comes across Tasha when they fight before Two overpowers Tasha and kills her.

Wexler has made an agreement with one of the organisations for the handover of the crew of the Raza and a group of soldiers from the organisation board the Raza to take the prisoners. Two takes out the soldiers using fighting and gunshooting. Two tells Five to go and hide which she does but later on she decides to go and help Two which is good because she was going to be killed by Cain one of the hostage takers. After all the soldiers have been taken care of, the Corporation ship leaves the vacinity and heads back from whence they came from.

Two confronts Wexler on the bridge and then takes him to the airlock where she demands the code and after a short while, Wexler gives the code in the hope that Two doesn't release him into space. After the door to the safe containng the men is opened, Two decides to release Wexler into space anyway.

The crew of the Raza take the device to the intended target where the machine is plugged in, as the men are returning to the Raza, strange signals are received from the planets surface. The Raza jumps to light speed as the planet blows up.

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