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Episode 12 - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

After the explosion of the planet in the previous episode, the crew of the Raza contacts Tabor Calchek who tells the Raza that they should have come to him instead of dealing with Commander Truffault directly. Tabor tells the crew that he has a job for them, it is a simple get in and out, liberate the person and escape. After much discussion, the crew decide to take the job.

Two, Three and Four go down to the planet but they are captured by Alexander Rook, the CEO of Dwarf Star Technologies, he agrees to let the men go but he wants to keep Two. It is Dwarf Star who is behind Two or as he calls her Rebecca's creation. Rook wants to experiment on the creation. Two is not human in the same way as we in that we were created by a man and woman. Two was illegally created by dna being put together. Two attempts an escape but is fortunately recaptured.

The men return to the Raza to discuss what they are next going to do. They take the Raza to hide in the radiation of a nearby star so that they are not discovered by the Dwarf Star Corporation. They plan a mission to rescue Two with Androids help. Six will fly the marauder around the Dwarf Star installation but not land, Android will jump down and do a solo rescue mission.

The mission works, Android breaks into the Dwarf Star installation and tracks down the beacon that prevents Android from moving and Two's attempts at escaping. Two manages to escape again and meet up with Android. Two was unable to find Alexander and had to leave without killing him.

Episode Details

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