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Episode 2 - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

After the events of the previous episode, the crew of the Roza have decided to gtive the inhabitants of the planet below the weapons to defend themselves rather than kill them as the original plan had been before their memories got wiped. The men of the craft ( One / Derrick Moss, Three / Marcus Boone and Ryo Tetsuda and Six/Griffin Jones/Lieutenant Kal Varrick ) take the weapons down to the planet whilst the females including Android stay behind.

Things become a bit more complicated when a Corporation ship arrives and strands the men on the planet. The men decide to help the miners, the inhabitants of the planet to defend themselves. The Corporation men land on the planet and a fight between the groups ensues. After the battle, Kal volunteers to lead a suicide mission to destroy the Corporation ship but is captured by a Corporation man and the nhabitants who believe the Corporation can help them. Kal is held prisoner during the second fight between the Corporation and the miners. Before Kal attempted to take off from the planet, he discovered that the Roza is no longer in orbit.

The men on the planet look to be defeated but before the men make their last stand, the Corporation men have disappeared. It transpires that Two/Rebecca/ Portia Lin took the Roxa into space to get some help from another Corporation to safeguard the future of the miners on the planet with a 99 year lease. The original Corporation agrees to withdraw all claim from the planet and leave.

Episode Details

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