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Dark Matter - Episode 3

Epsiode Synopsis

After being ignored by the rest of the group after breakfast, Five/Das/Emily Kolburn goes off exploring the Raza through air vents. Five breaks into a storage area where she finds the remains of a dead male, about the same age as he but not in a state of decomposition. She reports the findings to the rest of the group but no One knows who the dead person is.

The Raza comes out of faster than light travel and Android reports that the ship is being hit by Gamma Radiation from the remnants of a supernova nearby and that she believes the ship was interfered with. If a conduit isn`t fixed in Three hours the crew will be toast. Android volunteers to fix the conduit which is accessible by going outside the station. Android fixes the problem but the Android is trapped outside. One, Two/Rebecca/Portia Linn and Five and Six/Griffin Jones/Lt. Kal Varrick want to rescue Android but Three/Marcus Boone has persuaded Four/Ryo Tetsuda that they should cut their losses and leave for the space station which they had been on their way to before the incident. There is a standoff at the bridge before Five reveals she has stolen Three`s bullets meaning that they only need to disarm Four. Outnumbered, four hands himself in.

One and Six rescue the Android but as they get back inside the ship, Six is hit by a Electromagnetic Pulse and is knocked out. When Android is revived, Android gives Six an electric shock which brings him back round. The ship jumps away from their current location. In the sports hall of the ship, One helps Two with her exercising ahd when Two comes up for a situp, One kisses his companion on the lips then runs away so to speak.

At a bar at the spacestation that the crew was heading to, someone is asking over One/Jace Corso/Derrick Moss and the person reveals himself to be Jace Corso, a clone or the actual Jace Corso.

Five returns to where she found the dead body and opens a case. Inside the case is a metal card with holes in it, Five doesn`t know what the card is for.

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Alexander RookDelaney TruffaultDerrick MossEmily KolburnMarcus Boone
Misaki Han-ShireikanNyx HarperPortia LinRyo TetsudaSarah
Tabor CalchekTeku FonseiVictor  

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