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Episode 4 - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Raza decide to sell whatever they can find that they don't need. They all seem to have something except Four who hides something back. Two tells One and Three to work together individually because she can't trust the other person. The only person to stay behind is Android to look after the ship.

Four takes a ring to the Pawnbrokers and hopes to either get answers or money. At first the pawnbroker says that the ring is a fake but then changes his mind, says its real and wants nothing to do with it.

Two and Five, the females of the group go together to see what they can make from sales. At the start, they make a little money from guess where the ball is. After making a little money, they go to a casino table where they seem to be successful and make loads of money however the Casino manager doesn't like it and confiscates the winnings. In a back room of the casino, the Manager confronts the women but Two shows she's more than comfortable at taking on a group of men and the two women escape.

Six spends most of his time waiting for a doctor to treat his burns from the previous episode. The Doctor does a DNA test on Six when Six isn't looking and discovers Six is wanted by the authorities and alerts them. Six disables the doctor and escapes.

One and Three are assigned together and they make their way to the bar to try to sell the weapons that they found on board. The two men are directed to a meeting point but when they get there, they are gassed and knocked out. Their abductor is Jace Corso or so he says. Jace tells the two men he was supposed to be on a mission, the same mission that the crew of the Raza found themselves on but couldn't make it. Jace assumes Two's identity to get onboard the Raza and steal the weapons and sell them on. Android challenges Jace but doesn't intervene and lets Jace take the weapons off the ship. One and Three put their bickering aside and work together to escape by stealing and using the Electrorod that Jace had used on them. One and Three break free from the chains and escape back to the Raza as it leaves the station.

Four watches a broadcast of a newswoman who tells that the Emperor has been killed and that the Crown Prince is the number one suspect. The picture of Ryo is that of Four.

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