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Dark Matter - Episode 5

Epsiode Synopsis

For those who don`t like Horror films then you should avoid watching this one as it seems to play homage to horror films. Following on from the events of the previous episode, the crew of the Raza are still without money, food and supplies. They turn to Talbor Calchek for work. Talbor offers them a salvage operation for money which they accept. All apart from Five and Android board the ship.

The ship that they find is empty of life signs and so they board the ship. Unfortunately the reason why no life signs were found is because all the current crew members are dead or more like undead. The crew have to fight their way out off the ship. Two, Four and Six work together to get off the ship. In the struggle for survival, Two gets bitten or scratched by one of the zombies. Two, Four and Six get off the ship leaving One and Three behind.

One and Three try to have a heart to heart with one another over Two but it doesn`t go down well. Six takes a small marauder craft back to the empty ship to rescue the two remaining crew members as more of the Zombies wake up after the ship is vented for air by Android. One and Three manage to get to the air lock and get off the ship with Six`s help.

It transpires the ship was a medical research station that the scientists were doing research into prolonging life. Scientists from one of the corporations was working on trying to take the DNA from a tree that had been found to be living for thousands of years and try and see if they could make humans live the same length of time. The end result was not the result that had been intended. This episode has more than a few bits influenced by Firefly and their creation of the Reevers.

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