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Episode 6 - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

This episode we get to see more of the character backgrounds as Five goes into a deep controlled sleep to try and work out who the crew are. Five has memories of everyone and going to sleep and dreaming is every ones hope of finding out who everyone is. The episode centres primarily around Four, Five and Six.

We see Four as a child learning to fight (Kendo) with sticks against an opponent but doesn't come off well. When she comes out of the sleep, she explains to four what she saw, he remain emotionless. Five decides to go back under again for more information. The second time she discovers why Four is the way he is. Four's stepbrother is exiled from the planet and Four is to blame. Later we see Four being accused of killing his father but its the mother in law who actually did it, the mother in law wanted her son to be the new Emperor so framing Four ensured that happened. Four tries to escape and in doing so kills a number of guards who get in his way.

The second dream she experiences is of hers on a space station where her friends have been killed but there's a survivors who been badly stabbed. The two decide to stowaway on board a freighter which turn out to be the Raza. Once on board, Five tries to find medical supplies but is caught by Three who puts her in an airlock.

Five's real life medical conditions get worst so Six decides to go under and try to find Five so that he can bring her back into the real world. Six experiences one of his own dreams of a rebel who had stolen a Galactic Authority cruiser and celebrating. When one of the thieves reveals that a cruiser had been destroyed and thousands of lives killed, Six kills everyone but runs out of bullets before he can kill himself.

Six enters another dream on a farm where Five discovers him and they talk. Six tells Five that she must come out of the dream otherwise she could die, Three agrees and comes out into the real world.

Back in the real world, Five goes to see Four but when Five tells him he's innocent, Four walks out in seeming disgust.

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