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Episode 7 - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

With supplies and mDerricky really getting low, Six remembers what the password is to the hidden hold and the use that password and gain access to the hold. Inside Derrick Moss finds a load of credits which will see them through so they don't starve. They also find a woman who is in stasis and a robot in bits. They assemble the robot who announces herself as Wendy, an entertainment Android. Wendy will do whatever they want, any sort of entertainment, from singing all the way to sex. Wendy makes Android feel worthless and jealous and tries to make herself useful.

After last minute reservations from Marcus, they wake the woman up. The woman reveals herself to be Sarah and the current lover of Marcus Boone even though Marcus is unable to remember anything about the woman. Sarah tries to help Marcus remember by telling him how they met, how Sarah found him injured an nursed him back to health and how Marcus looked after the Portia of them in a wood hut in the middle of nowhere. Android reveals that the woman is suffering from Deteranns disease, a disease that miners get and that Sarah is dying.

Derrick tries again at getting close to Portia by visiting her in her room when she's getting dressed. Portia Lin is naked when he walks in and is in the process of getting dressed. Portia rebukes Derrick again. Wendy reveals to Portia later that Derrick does indeed feel something for Derrick because whenever Portia sees Derrick, Portia's blood pressure changes that Portia does indeed feel something for Derrick.

Wendy follows Derrick into his bedroom where she offers sex to Derrick who needs little persuasion and jumps into bed with her. After sex, Wendy changes, she takes control of the ship whilst everyDerrick apart from Marcus and Emily Kolburn are in the mess hall. Portia uses the communications system which Wendy is monitoring to lay a trap for the Entertainment Robot. Marcus and Emily are putting Sarah back into stasis as there is nothing that they can do for her at present. Wendy catches up with Android and shoots Android.

Marcus manages to confront the Wendy and after a shoot out, the Portia fight hand to hand until Four comes to the rescue by chopping Wendy's head off. Ryo Tetsuda runs the head back to the bridge where Derrick plugs the head into the machine so that Portia can try and work out the password and change the course of the ship which is heading towards the nearest Star. When the head is engaged, the body comes to life and attacks Marcus and Kal Varrick. Portia manages to find the password and resolve the situation, disconnect the head and save the day.

When Wendy was in charge of the ship, the life support system that was keeping Sarah alive goes down and Sarah unfortunately dies. Derrick apologies because it was his idea to reconnect Wendy but Marcus has nothing of it. At the end of the day, Portia goes to see Derrick and they have the sex that Derrick has been after for a while.

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