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Dark Matter - Episode 8

Epsiode Synopsis

Now with cash from the discovery in the previous episode, the crew of the Raza head to a spacestation to relax. The only person who doesn`t celebrate is Six who goes off on his own. Five follows him to a transfer terminal where he can be teleported into a clone somewhere else in the galaxy. Once he has done his business, he can then leave the body and the memories be uploaded. If the clone is killed, the memories are lost.

Six teleports to another station on the hunt for someone who may have knowledge about the twelve thousand deaths that were caused by the terrorist organisation that he was part of. When he finds the person, Six is killed and he wakes up in his own body unaware of what happened. After he wakes up, he tries to persuade the technician looking after the place to let him go again straightaway and after a few words of encouragement, Six is back as a clone.

Five tells the others what is happening and Two orders One and Four to follow Six to investigate. One is hesitant about going but eventually he goes and tries to wiggle his way out of it. Once One and Four have teleported across, One`s real identity is discovered because the DNA that got teleported across is of his original look. Four is suspicious but agrees to accept One as he really is.

When Six goes back to the start, he avoids being killed and orders the woman to take him to where he wants the person he is looking for. The person is on the planet below and after a discussion, Six shoots the man but it turns out the man is a clone. Four and One turn up but there`s nothing for them to do.

Back on the Raza, One lays down the law on One and Three about who One really is. For now, One is allowed to stay a member of the crew.

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