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Episode 9 - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

Four suddenly disappears from the ship without telling anyone. Four has gone down to a planet to see his brother, the Emperor of Zairon. However, when he arrives on the planet, he comes across Akido, a loyal member of the Royal Guard who after Four has killed the accompanying guard is captured by Akido. Akido and Four take a walk through the woods to where Akido's ship is. During the journey, the Two Zairons are met by a group of bandits who wants what Akido has, his boots. Akido releases Four so that they can kill the thieves and continue the journey to Akido's ship.

Onboard the Raza, Five reveals to Six that she wants to learn fighting but Six thinks its a bad idea and that if six ever comes into a situation that Five should just walk away. Five runs off and goes to sulk. By the end of the episode, Six patches up with Five.

One reveals to Two why he is on the ship, One believes that Three was behind the murder of his wife and that taking on the real Jace Corso identity will allow him the ability to kill Three as revenge. When One has the opportunity to kill Three, One doesn't take it and instead saves Three's life. At the end, Three joins One in the mess hall where Three has a drink with One and tells him the score that One is in the lead having saved Three's life more times than the other way round.

Once Two has identified where Four has gone, the team use a marauder to visit the planet and rescue Four from Akido. It is revealed that Four once saved Akido's life by claiming it was Four who ordered the attack, had it been Akido who had done it, then Akido would have been killed. After being rescued, Four tells Akido to give his brother a message and stabs Akido, killing him. On Zairon, Four's brother confronts his mother with what she has done, replaced him with Akido to capture Four.

At the end of the day when everyone is on downtime, the Raza stops suddenly in space. Whenever is at the bridge, Android reveals that their crafts engine has been disabled by Ferrous Corporation battleship and can't therefore jump to light speed away.

Episode Details

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