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Going Out Fighting - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

Nyx Harper and Four have finally slept together and they seem to regret it slightly, no one wants to talk about, not even amongst the table.

Two collapses and is taken to the infirmary. Android reveals that Two's nanites are decaying and she needs new nanites otherwise Two will die. The only place that has the nanites that she requires is on Earth, at the research headquarters of Dwarf Star Corporation. Two, Three, Four and Six travel down to the planet to work out a way to get into the base. Three and Nyx visit the research place and cause a scene when her fictional appointment is rejected. The purpose of the scene was to enable Five to hack into the computers. Five identifies a person that they can persuade to help them, a junior scientist called Eric.

Three, Six and Two visit Eric at Eric's home and Eric needs little persuasion to comply with their needs. Eric reveals the nanites that they need is on a geostationary satellite with a lift from the base to the station. Eric lures two co-workers to Eric place and Six and Three steal the scientists retina scans. Three, Six and Eric visit the base where Three nearly gets found out but it turns out to be a technological failure and security lets him through.

Three, Six and Eric get to the laboratory where the nanites are being held but are captured by Rook. Rook has Eric shot but he keeps the other two alive for questioning. Three is infected with a worm like creature, an alien probably.

Two, Four and Nyx manage to use their small marauder craft to get into the space station and break into the laboratory. Four goes off to search for Three and Six. In the Laboratory, Two is captured by Rook and she is introduced to a newer version of the fighting machine that Two was supposed to be. The fight is interrupted when Nyx then Four, Three and Six break in. Rook manages to leave before Two's rescue. The other machine is beaten and Three uses blood from the new version of the fighting machine to save Two life.

Back on the Raza, Three begins to behave differently. Three is sectioned in the medical bay and then put into stasis. However be begins to go mad and so Two decides to take him to the airlock and release whatever is trying to escape from Three. The plan works and whatever is inside Three escapes and is released into space. Android goes to bed and wakes up with her hair down in a bed with snow landscape outside.

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