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Hot Chocolate - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

Kal Varrick is attending a meeting with independent town leaders when the location comes under attack from Ferrous Corporation ships. Kal offers them the safety of the Raza which they duly take up. The space ship manages to leap to hyperspace before the Ferrous Corporation can take out the Raza.

Android starts behaving strangely which makes Emily Kolburn to be a bit suspicious of what is going on. When one of the leaders is killed, Kal wants to investigate but Portia Lin is not interested in the murder. Kal is no longer a cop. Portia tells Kal that they need to get rid of the leaders and hope they can protect themselves on their own which annoys Kal. Marcus Boone doesn't get involved.

When the powers goes down, it is then revealed that Ryo Tetsuda has somehow snuck onboard the Raza with mercenaries. Ryo has taken control of Android by hacking into her from afar and therefore has managed to take control of the ship. Ryo manages to round up Portia and Marcus and lock them in the brig. Ryo wants the blink drive but the drive has been damaged by Zairon scientists.

Ryo meets the leaders in the eating room with a proposition to align their colonies with Zairon for protection. Kal is against the idea.

Emily has escaped to a storage bay where she is talking with Sarah about the best way to handle the situation. Together, Emily and Sarah manage to hack the computers and contact the Android personality that is allied to the Raza crew but for only a short time.

Emily is caught by Android who then utters the words Hot Chocolate which reboots Android but it doesn't work too long. Emily is able to get back into Androids memory and wake up Android by locking off the hacker and having him stuck in his own memory.

Marcus and Portia are released and split up to confront the atagonists. Portia confronts Ryo where they have an intense fight on two levels. Portia promises that Ryo will never get the blink drive even if broken which Ryo wants to fix.

In the end, there is a stand off between Portia and Ryo and Ryo returns to his natural body in Zairon.

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