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Isn't that a Paradox - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst the Raza is near the star of Pollux, they experience a time distortion anomaly . Android calculates that they have travelled back in time to 2017. Someone or something had activated the Blink drive and pulled them back. Analysis point to the origins of the pull back coming from a small town called Fort Falls in North America. It is decided that they go down to the planet to find the cause of the blink drive action dressed in clothes of the time. Sarah is disappointed to know that Marcus is going to leave him onboard the Raza alone.

They couple up, with Android being married to Val Karrick. Portia Lin is married to Marcus Boone and they have a teenage presumably from Marcus's first marriage. The difference in age between the actresses of Portia and Emily (Melissa O'Neil and Jodelle Ferland) is seven years. They manage to obtain money for the time period and hire a car and then a house.

Its not long before they attract the attention of some children in the house opposite who are spying on the newcomers. One of the things that attracts the children's attention is when Marcus is being unable to lift a bag and Android manages it with ease.

No longer have they settled into the place than they get a visit from the neighbours welcoming them to the neighbourhood and inviting them to a party. The Raza crew agree to the party. They visit the town to get supplies and to try and track down the other blink drive but don't have any luck.

At the party, Emily becomes friends with one of the children who is suspicious of her by playing video games. Also at the party, one of the party-goers acts suspiciously and runs away. Kal Varrick leaves the party to go the Marauder which has been discovered and reported to the police.

Portia Lin and Marcus Boone leave the party and track down the person with the other blink drive. They are captured and try to persuade the captor to let them go. The captor is revealed to be one of the designers of the chip and brought it back it into the past to hide it from all the corporations.

Emily finds the hide out and the captor is persuaded to release everyone. The crew of the Raza return to their craft which is surrounded by police. An electrical shield of some sort is fired out of the ship paralysing the police. As crew leave, the children turn up including the boy who has the hots for Emily. The boy wants to go with Emily but Emily tells the child no.

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