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/ Dark Matter / Portal

Dark Matter - I've Seen the Other Side of You

Epsiode Synopsis

In order to repair Android, Five/Das/Emily Kolburn initiates a shutdown of her operations so that the Android can do a self-repair. The shutdown causes Four/Ryo Tetsuda and Three/Marcus Boone to start having headaches and they along with Two/Rebecca/Portia Linn collapse and become unconscious. When Two, Three and Four wake up, they start to behave different. Its as if they have reverted back to how they were before they woke up first time. Five turns to the holographic version of Android for advice who recommends she leaves things as they are otherwise Android could have a problem and loose all her computer function.

With the Raza is a complete confusion, Nyx Harper along with Arax and Devon attempt to take over the craft where a gun battle on board the Raza takes place. Five is able to lock up the guests and therefore disarm the situation before it gets worst. When Android comes round, both Android and Five are able to restore the memories to the rest of the crew. During the flux, Devon is able to transmit a long distance message and change the course of the Raza.

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