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/ Dark Matter / Portal

Dark Matter - My Final Gift To You

Epsiode Synopsis

Portia Lin having been kidnapped by the alternate reality Marcus Boone is now in the custody of Emperor Ryo Tetsuda. Ryo sends a message to the Raza crew, he will release Portia in return for the Blink Drive that they have in their possession. Ryo invites the others to travel to the planet to see how accommodating he is. Marcus, Kal Varrick and Emily Kolburn decide to visit the planet of Zairon but only using carbon copies.

Ryo offers the crew all the hospitalities that they would expect of a royal visitor. The war that Zairon is involved in is not going well. The people of the planet are revolting and are close to the Emperors palace.

Teku Fonsei loyalty is called into question.

Misaki Han-Shireikan decides it is time that the planet had a new Emperor and plans to assassinate Ryo. Misaki confronts the Emperor with a group of soldiers but when her back is turned, Ryo defeats the guards single-handed. Misaki and Ryo fight it out to the death. With Misaki about to kill Ryo with a poison dagger, she is killed by Portia Lin who has escaped.

Emily and Kal return to the Raza by using the carbon copy machines but Marcus decides to stay a while. Marcus`s copy is killed and when he returns to the Raza, he has no memory of what has happened.

Portia returns to the Raza with Ryo Tetsuda and holds him in a prison. The crew of the Raza over dinner discuss what to do with Ryo and its decided to kill him. Android was given a vote on Ryo`s outcome. Portia goes to the prison and aims her gun at Ryo.

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