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Dark Matter - One More Card to Play

Epsiode Synopsis

After the attempted assassination plot on Ryo Tetsuda, Ryo orders a number of his citizens to be executed. A number of Zairon citizen are herded onto a ship and taken into space. Also onboard the ship is Portia Lin and Marcus Boone. The Raza crew members have a plan to rescue the people. However once the operation to escape is finished. Marcus releases everyone out through the airlock. It turns out that Portia and Marcus are from the alternate universe.

With a stolen battlecruiser, the alternate crew make a deal with Delaney Truffault to deliver some missiles which is when this present reality Raza crew are alerted and ordered to hand back the missiles which they have no knowledge of.

Using Adrian, the crew of the Raza set up a meeting with the other Raza crew to regain control of the missiles. Adrian goes down to the planet where he is met by Wexler to carry out the trade however it is a trap to get Wexler but it doesn`t go straight to plan.

Whilst the trade is going down, the alternate Portia Lin disables Marcus who is in a landing craft. Portia Lin returns to the Raza. Android notices that Portia is not the real one and the two fight before Android is able to knock out Portia and then rescue Marcus. Marcus announces he`s going to get weapons and go back to the surface which Android agrees.

When Marcus goes to the bridge, he collapses as the air is thin and Emily Kolburn turns up to announce she knew what was going on. The real Marcus is on the Zairon battlecruiser tied up and stripped. Natasha communicates with the Raza and gives an ultimatum which Emily is forced into a no-win situation until all of a sudden the alternate Android knocks out Natasha and agrees a trade. It is Natasha before being knocked out who says that title of the episode.

Raza return the weapons to Truffault but keep a cut.

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