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Shes One of Them Now - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew visit Talbor Calchek so that they can get information about Alicia whose always on the move. The information that Talbor has provided lead them to a planet with strong security so the only way they can go in is as clones. Four, Three and Five use clone machies to teleport themselves direct to the headquarters to steal the iterm. Whilst controlling the clones, the three are inside capsules.

On arrival at the base, Five hacks into the computers and works out where the item that they are after is being held. The items is on floors above so the three make their way to the vault with ease but when they pick up the device, the alarm goes off and eventually Four and Three are captured and interrogated or tortured more like. Five returns to the group to save them and kill the interrogator. Five shoots the comrades so that they can wake up back on the Raza. Five makes her way to the top of the building where she is picked up and taken back to the Raza.

The item that they have taken is a blink drive which enables any ship to be able travel through wormholes to any point in the galaxy. Before they attempt a blink, they leave Nyx and Devon at a space station. Devon opens up to Nyx as to what he's feeling. On the station, Seers arrive and stab Devon. The drive is used and the Raza blinks away.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeStuff To Steal, People To Kill

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