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Stuff To Steal, People To Kill - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

This episode takes place in an alternate / parallel universe within the Multiverse. After Blinking using the Blink drive which they had obtained from the previous episode, to their astonishment, they have only blinked 1.2 miles, a distance once of them remarks they could have walked. They receive a message about Regulus 12 station and when they return, they find it has been virtually destroyed. They receive a message about a ship being attacked and are shocked to discover that its the Raza that is doing the attacking before the ships blinks away. Its not before long that they are captured by Commander Truffault after Truffault manages to disable both the faster than light and the blink drive..

Truffault and the crew of the Raza come to come sort of agreement to get the Blink drive back and trick the other Raza. In this universe, Ryo Tetsuda is an emperor on his home Zairon which they use to lure the other Raza to the space station. On board the station, Portia Lin and Marcus Boone replace the alternate universe with themselves to get the Blink drive. In this Universe, Derrick Moss is still alive and also Wexler and Tash from the first series are still alive. There is no five in alternate universe. The Portia prime universe characters are separated. One goes down to the planet below where they are dealing with miners.

Wexler wants to kill all the miners as punishment for upsetting the Ferro Corporation but Portia wants to back off and let the Miners live. Portia overpowers Wexler on the way back to the Raza but Jace fires the missile. Portia tries to blow up the missile and seemingly succeeds. Whilst Portia is dealing with the miners, Marcus is dealing with an unwanted attraction from Tash. Not only is the alternate Marcus having a romance with Portia but also with Marcus.

Onboard the Raza, Ryo questions the alternate universes' Portia and Marcus to get as much information from them as possible. When Portia returns to the ship, Portia and Marcus grab the Blink Device and make it back to their ship but have to deal with Truffault before they can then blink back to their universe. Once they make it back to their universe, they discover they brought someone back with them as an attached marauder craft leaves the Raza and takes a jump to light speed. The Raza returns to the Regulus space station to pick up Devon and Nyx.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeGoing Out Fighting

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