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Take The Shot - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

Android begins to have a dream whilst she is recharging her batteries of where she is in a luxury flat with a wintery outlook. She is married to someone. When she wakes up, she reveals to the other members of the Raza crew the holographic version of the robot which confuses them but they accept it. When Android goes back to recharge. The crew of the Raza begin experiencing hallucinations.<

Four believes his female nemesis Misaki Han has somehow gotten onboard the Raza and goes off to confront her. The Two fight it out with swords and Four ends up slashing a coolant pipe which alerts the other members of the Raza.

Three becomes convinced that his one time love Sarah has come back for him and he falls for it in a big way. He hallunicates what is happening. Three knows that Sarah is dead and Sarah plays on this and tries to persuade Three to kill himself by shooting himself in the head. Six manages to break into the apartment and prevent Three from shooting himself in the head.

Two is convinced that goons from Alexander Rook, her creator has managed to get onboard the ship and have managed to capture Two to experiment on her. Five and Six witness what Two believes she is going through and manages to pull her out of it.

The crew of the Raza believe that the holographic version of Android is behind it, a computer virus has somehow managed to manipulate te crew who have a neural connection to the ship which explains why Nyx Harper, Six and Five are unaffected. Two takes it upon herself to wake up Android to get back control of the ship and remove the computer virus. Two manages to succeed and then Android destroys the memory chips that the virus is controlling things from.

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