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Dark Matter - The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

Epsiode Synopsis

Hinted in the past by future Emily Kolburn, this time its for real. Marcus Boone wakes up after having a nightmare that involves a red wall. Android has changed her look, she`s wearing a red suit this time and her suit shows off cleavage unlike previous customes. Its not something that goes unmentioned in the episode. Portia Lin can`t help mention Androids cleavage and Android gets carried away with saying boob.

The crew of the Raza travel to Nova 17, a planet that is believed to hold something of use for the dwarf star Corporation. The planet is a water planet, with a sole Dwarf Star Corporation base there. Emily is left in control of the Raza with Android whilst Portia Lin, Kal Varrick and Marcus Boone travel down to the planet.

On the planet they are confronted by clones in sealed containment units. In space, the Raza is met by a craft from the Mekkei Combine who are friendly with the crew of the Raza. The Mekkei personnel travel down to the planet. Both teams agree to work together to work out what the conspiracy is all about. There is also a second chamber with lots more clone. What is surprising is that the clones are of different ages and genders.

A clone is woken up and interrogated and then put in a cell. One of the Mekkei commanders turns on the leader and proceeds to free the other clones. The red wall is a portal to another universe of some sort. When the portal is opened, floating aliens come through to our world. It is the first mention of aliens in this series.

Portia Lin is separated from Kal Varrick and Marcus who return to the Raza as the Mekkei launch a nuclear strike on the planet to destroy the base. Portia Lin manages to escape with Marcus Boone but it turns out not to be Marcus but the alternate reality Marcus.

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