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Dark Matter - We Should Have Seen This Coming

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Raza needs money and Nyx Harper suggests that they do a drug run for money. Despite reservations, the group undertake the job by breaking into a Seer spaceship and stealing the drugs. Nyx has other ideas and reveals that she lied to them to get onboard the Seer ship to rescue her brother. Once the group have the drugs and the brother, they escape from the planet.

Three/Marcus Boone and a nearly fit Six/Griffin Jones/Lt. Kal Varrick undertake a mission into a green atmosphere planet but with Three still unsure as to where Six`s allegiance lie. During the mission, the craft containing Six and Three breaks down and the two work together to deal with the situation. In the Raza, the crew have to deal with a Seer ship that has followed them to the planet. The Seer`s want Nyx`s brother back but the crew are desperate to keep him.

Once Three and Six are back onboard, the Raza is disabled by the Seers and threaten to kill everyone unless Nyx`s brother is turned over. Nyx`s brother goes willingly back to the Seers and after being locked up, Nyx`s brother commits suicide.

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