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We Voted Not To Space You - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

Android gets to go undercover onboard a space station in order to get some information about Corso who killed a member of the crew. Android uses an upgrade chip that she was given in the last episode by another robot so that she doesn't act too much like a robot. In the episode, Android lets her hair down and acts like a person. Android aims to get arrested so that she can hack into the Galactic Authority computers to find the location of their target. Android eventually gets arrested after a number of attempts where she then hacks into the computers.

The information that Android has managed to retrieve leads them to a snow world where Corso is hiding out in an encampment. Four, Two and Three visit the planet and confront the murderer. Corso manages to escape into the tunnels and the team follow him. Corso sets off explosives that traps everyone underground including the Galactic Authority policeman who had come to the encampment. Four is captured by the Galactic Authority but is rescued by his friends.

The Holographic Android comes on-line once everyone is back onboard to tell Android that Android made a mistake and caused damage to the ship when the ship was taken into the planets atmosphere.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeWe Were Family
Next EpisodeWe Should Have Seen This Coming

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