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We Were Family - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

The Raza arrives at a space station where it docks. Android joins Emily Kolburn so that she can watch and study how people interact. The crew of the Raza agree and whilst in the pharmacy buying drugs, Android meets a charismatic person who persuades Android to join for a few moments. The person called Victor takes Android to his craft where he is introduced to other people and he reveals that they are all Androids, more advanced androids than what Android is. Victor tries to persuade Android to join them and even gets Android to wear an off the shoulder dress showing her cleavage. Android declines to join the others and returns to the Raza.

Marcus Boone borrows money off Emily Kolburn who tries to show off her maths by telling him he has to pay the money back or they'll be compound interest applied. Marcus agrees to the deal. On the space station, Marcus catches up with some old friends who turn out to be family. Marcus's family has a deal proposition for him on the planet below. Marcus agrees. The mission is a success, however to get off the planet, they had kidnapped someones son to make the man pilot the ship off the planet. The family don't like receiving threats from the pilot and shot him. Marcus kills the the family members before they kill him. Marcus visits his dad in a wooden shack where the hostage is. When the hostage is in another room, Marcus shots his Father and takes the boy away.

Nyx Harper and Ryo Tetsuda begin to get close to one another over a stick and then a sword fight, both coming close but showing restraint as not to kill one another. Kal Varrick wakes from being unconscious from a previous episode.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeI've Seen the Other Side of You
Next EpisodeWe Voted Not To Space You

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