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Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had The Chance - Dark Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Raza are down on a planet collecting supplies at a bazaar when Five is kidnapped by unknown assailants. Marcus Boone is notified of the kidnap and plans to rescue her, he does some gentle persuade in his usual manner to get someone to help him and take him to where Five is being held. The people holding Five are the Drager brothers, five brothers who live on a ranch nearby.

Once Marcus has arrived at the location, he scouts rounds to find the best way inside the place. He nearly steps on a boobey trap but disarms it. When one of the brothers spots Marcus, the brother takes aim but is unable to take the shot because Marcus has disappeared. Marcus breaks into the camp and shots the surviving brothers and wakes up Marcus who has been drugged.

At the bizarre, the Galactic Authority has been alerted that the Raza crew are on the planet and clones are sent down to the planet to apprehend the fugitives led by Galactic Authority Inspector Kierken. When Ryo Tetsuda, Portia Lin and Nyx Harper are alerted that the Galactic Authority are on their way, the three of them disguise themselves as Galactic Authority troops and manage to escape after first destroying clone machines and getting caught. The three remaining make it back to the Raza.

Marcus is shot by one of the brothers as Marcus and Emily Kolburn are leaving the building. Marcus has to deal with the wound and by the time they are able to escape, Kierken turns up with his troops and the two fugitives make it out of the base on foot.

The remaining members of the Raza return to the planet in a marauder to find their remaining crew members. Three tries to tell Five to get lost and save herself but she doesn't want to go and Marcus tries the title of the episode to force her to go and eventually, Emily runs off to the G.A. base to disable their weapons. When the Marauders flies over again, the weapons that Emily disabled blow up. In the resulting aftermath, the remaining crew members recover Marcus.

Episode Details

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