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Daybreak - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

The first part has a number of flashbacks of before the Cylon attack on the colonies, we learn more about some of the most important characters including their families. We see Captain Lee Adama visiting Lieutenant Kara Thrace and Zack for a meal, later we see Apollo trying to get a pigeon out of his house whilst drunk.

President Laura Roslin is having a baby shower for one of her sisters and later she is told that her sisters and her father is killed in an accident involving a drunk driver. After being told, she goes for a walk and walks into a pond.

Doctor Gaius Baltar is seen conoodling with Caprica-Six and later they visit their father whose annoyed the carer. Gaius has to cancel his date with Six whose name he can't remember. Later, the Six interrupts one of Gaius's other dates to tell him that she's seen to the problem of his father and the father is now in a home which he very much likes.

In the present, Commander William Adama asks for volunteers to help him with the Battlestar to rescue Hera from the Colony, an asteroid field where the Cylons went after they were defeated in the first war. Adama will only take volunteers as its most likely to be a one way mission.

Part 2

Part 2 and 3 are incorporated together to make one last episode. The operation to rescue Hera is being finalised. Romo Lampkin, the lawyer who represented Gaius at his tribunal is now the temporary political leader. Lieutenant Hoshi is upgraded to Admiral of the fleet as William Adama is about to undertake the final operation against the Cylons. Romo leaves on the last Colonial Raptor to leave the Battlestar and at the very last moment, Gaius decides to stay with the Galactica and take his chances.

The Galactica jumps to the location of the Colony and comes under severe attack from the Cylons but doesn't do anything. The Galactica waits for Samuel Anders to be plugged into the enemy computers to disable the firing canons. Once the canons have been disabled, the Colonial Vipers are launched.

A number of teams break into the large Cylon Basestar and make their way to find where Athena is being held. Boomer kills a Simon O'Neill clone who is examining the child and hopes to use it as leverage to escape. However, when Boomer finds the Colonial marines moving into the ship, Athena is handed over and Boomer is shot by Athena.

The Colonial marines makes their way back to the Galactica. John Cavil is determined to get the child back and with Cylon Centurions, he boards the Battlestar and makes his way to the bridge.

The premonition that President Laura Roslin and Athena kept having is coming true as Hera runs along a corridor and is picked up Gaius and Caprica Six. Gaius and Six go through the door and into the bridge which in the dream was the Opera House. Gaius confronts John and persuades him to stop the attack which he does. Col. Saul Tigh says he'll give John the secret of Resurrection which John agrees to. In order to pass on resurrection to John, all the five Cylon models on the Galactica have to share memories. When the Cylon models share memories, Senior Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol finds out the truth about what happened to Cally and eventually looses control and strangles Tory Foster and causes the truce between the Cylons and the Humans to break down.

John commits suicide as the battle rages. Adama orders Starbuck to just take the Galactica somewhere, absolutely anywhere. She punches in coordinates that she kept seeing in her dreams. As the Galactica jumps, a lone raptor shots at the Cylon base and blows it up.

The Galactica has arrived at the real Earth and the decision has been taken to dump the space ships and start afresh completely. The space ships will be fired into the Sun and they'll begin with the very basics. Everyone splits up, Kara disappears as Lee tells her his plans. William and Laura take a ship to nowhere and during the voyage, Laura finally succumbs to her cancer and dies.

Gaius and Six plan to settle over in the hills and far away.

150,000 years later in New York, Gaius and Six are talking about the future and are seen looking over the shoulders of Ronald D. Moore, the producer of the series as he's looking at a newspaper. The talk and watch news clips of robots demonstrating their skills.

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