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Andromeda - Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode sees the return of both Gabriel and Hector, two high guard androids, both on opposing sides. Both androids are played by actors more commonly associated with Stargate, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge. Michael Shanks being married to Lexa Doig (Rommie)

Tyr Anasazi has been given shore leave by Dylan Hunt and uses the time to further his ambitions. Tyr uses the Eureka Maru to visit a Perseid scientist who alters Tyrs blood DNA. After the blood has been altered, Tyr kills the Perseid by blowing up the research station.

Tyr proceeds to visit a Drago Kazov space station where he announces to the leader that he is the descendant of Drago Muscevani, the father of the Nietzschean race. The Kazov leader carries out a DNA test then reveals that Tyr is indeed the descendant and is given a cloak.

Seamus Harper and Rommie are taking time out onboard a space station when all of a sudden Rommie demeanour changes. Rommie takes control of the Resolution, another high guard ship. Resolution attacks the space station and then leaves.

Its revealed that Rommie mind has been taken over by a computer virus which is Gabriel's personality. Seamus is forced to create a new body for Gabriel so that it looks like how he used to look like. Seamus makes the body but when the virus is trying to upload into the new body, Seamus tries to interfere but fails. Gabriel wants to kill Seamus but Rommie makes Gabriel a deal for Seamus's life.

Dylan and the Andromeda Ascendant is playing host to Hector, another High Guard Android. After what has happened to Rommie, Hector recommends that Dylan shuts down Andromeda's A.I. for the duration of the operation which Dylan reluctantly agrees to.

When the Andromeda has caught up with the Resolution, Hector and Dylan leave in a slip fighter to sneak on board the Resolution and attempt to shut down Gabriel. Eventually, Gabriel is defeated but not before Hector has been killed and there is an epic fight between Rommie and Gabriel. The fight ends when the airlock is opened and both Androids are pulled out into space but Rommie is saved by Dylan in a space suit.

Tyr is seen talking to his son's grandmother who tells that he has a plan coming. Also in the episode, Trance Gemini made a visual appearance but didn't do much.

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