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Doctor Who - Day of the Moon

Epsiode Synopsis

July 1969, Its three months on from the events of The Impossible Astronaut. Companion Amy Pond is seen running from a group of suited me where she is allegedly shot and put in a body bag. One of the group is Canton Everett Delaware III, the same F.B.I. agent from the previous episode.

River Song is New York where the F.B.I. track her down but she escapes by running and then jumping off the side of the building. Rory Williams is caught by the F.B.I. at Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona. Both Rory and Amy have tally marks scratched over their arms and faces.

The Doctor is being held in Area 51, the top secret American installation where alien space ships are being held. The Doctor sports a beard and is tied to a chair. When Canton arrives, he builds a secure building around the Doctor with the body bags of his two young companions. The Williams are revived and the Tardis removes its invisibility shield so that it can be seen. They use the Tardis to catch river Song as she is falling through the air.

Canton and Amy visit a children's home which is without power. They believe the astronaut that is behind this all may have come from the children's institution. The children's home has a lot of graffiti warning people to get out. Even the head supervisor of the place has a tatoo which tells people to get out.

The Doctor visits N.A.S.A. and has to be rescued by the President along with Rory Williams as a Secret Service agent who gets a bit too familiar with some of the technology.

Amy is kidnapped by The Silence and disappears. When the Doctor comes to the institution, he sets about looking for Amy but is unable to find her. The Doctor and the others can hear her from the communicator that they had put in her and the others earlier. They confront one of the Silence and shoot it.

The Doctor takes the shot Silence back to Area 51 which when they leave the prison, the President is with them at the same time.

The Doctor takes the team to where the Silence have been located and set out about taking on the Silence and rescuing Amy before leaving. River Song is there firing in all directions at the Silence.

As people are sitting down watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon, the Doctor interrupts the message with an instruction to everyone that if they see the Silence they should shoot on sight immediately.

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