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Andromeda - Decay of the Angel

Epsiode Synopsis

Doyle wakes up after having nightmares but Harper just dismisses them. When they leave their base to get some parts, Doyle wanders off to rescue a man being mugged. The saved man (Argent) refuses to leave their side and follows them home despite Harpers protestations. Dylan Hunt, Telemachus Rhade and Rebekah Valentine use the Maru to move Andromeda Ascendant where they are attacked by an unknown force. Eventually, their craft is teleported away from their present location to somewhere unknown. Argent continues to put the screw on Harper to force him to tell Doyle the truth about her, eventually she find out. The nightmares are Rommie's old memories.

The Andromeda is boarded by an unknown force. After a bit of exploring to see who has boarded, they are locked in the Captains room. They break out and escape in the Maru. Dylan orders that they go on the offensive and attack the boarders craft. They remove the craft and fire on Andromeda. This antagonises the boarders and they start teleporting onto the Maru. On Seefra, Seamus Harper and Doyle have to deal with Argent before Doyle teleports onto the Maru to deal with the offenders. We find out during the episode, that Argent is a robot from the future who set up the whole thing. He came to get Doyle but she refuses to go.

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