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Deep Midnights Voice - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt orders the Andromeda Ascendant to intervene in a battle between two Nietzschean fighters. The Ascendant destroys the pursuing Nietzschean and brings the escaping craft onboard. The escaping craft contains a Nietzschean called Gaiton. Gaiton is believed to be in possession of the Deep Midnight Voice, a device that is believed to hold details of thousands of slipstream points. Whoever controls the device virtually controls the galaxies. The device was believed to be lost before the fall of The Commonwealth.

The Ascendant travels through the slipstream to where the device might be lying. The location is a system of planets cut off from the rest of the galaxy. The people on the planet are a mix of Nietzscheans and Humans who probably don't have the same level of technology as Dylan is used to. Dylan Hunt will go to the planet with Rebekah Valentine, Gaiton and Tyr Anasazi. The mission is to be weapons free. The people on the planet probably don't have the same level of language skills which is why Seamus Harper comes up with a device to help them communicate with the people based on old forms of the language.

On the planet, the four people separate into two groups, Tyr and Gaiton and then the other two. Dylan and Rebekah meet two astronomers, one male and one female on the planet. Rebekah takes an instant liking to the male astronomer but Dylan keeps his distance. Dylan and Rebekah are taken back to the locals observatory. After seemingly being made welcome, one of the people at the observatory calls security. When Rommie alerts Dylan, the truth about the technology is revealed.

Tyr and Gaiton discover the device and make it back to the craft. Tyr and Gaiton have made up after previously falling out but then Tyr shoots Gaiton dead.

Trance Gemini is in charge of the Andromeda whilst everyone is down on the planet. Trance has to deal with Nietzschean crafts that have found their way to the planet which she does admirably.

After everyone has made it back to the Andromeda, Dylan Hunt feels it is time he had a few words with Tyr Anasazi and that's how it is left.

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