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All Things Must Pass - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

After a night of passion between Datak Tarr and his wife, Stahma Tarr things turn nasty when Stahma gives a list of requirements before Datak Tarr can come back to the family home and get back into bed. Stahma wants half the business but Datak refuses to give into the demands and chucks Datak out. Its not long before both of them are hooded and taken to an old silo and tied up together. Whilst tied up, the couple argue and bicker.

Pottinger romances Amanda Graystone and reveals that he has identified Kenya Rosewaters killers and takes her to them. The killers are revealed as being the Tarrs. Amanda wants to kill them but she just can't bring herself round to killing them. Pottinger had found out by being tipped off by someone in the Tarr company. Eventually, the Tarr would make up and leave the silo to take back their company by killing a number of workers, both Castithan and Sensoth. Datak dumps the bodies under the office.

Pilar McCawley goes to see her husband Rafe McCawley in prison where they kiss through the bars. After, Pilar is taken to see her daughter where they embrace each other.

Joshua Nolan spends the episode pulling a sledge containing Tommy Lasalle who is bleeding after being stabbed by Irisa in the previous episode. When Joshua eventually gets back to Defiance, Tommy has died. Berlin reveals Irisa's book. In the book is a drawing of a Irathien who Joshua manages to track down for information. Irisa is seen controlling pebbles and launching an attack on New York.

Doc Yewll is underground talking to the holographic Lev, her ex-lover. As Yewll goes further underground, Yewll discovers the Kiziri, a spaceship that crashed nearly 3000 years ago. Yewll disconnects the hologram device. Also in the episode is shown the uprising onboard the Kiziri where the Irathiens cause the evacuation and crash the ship under the land that will eventually become Defiance.

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