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A Well Respected Man - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode starts wth Jeb Nolan leading an arrest with Tommy Lasalle and Irissa of some weapon smuggler. Its not as it turns out. Datak Tarr goes to see Mayor Amanda Rosewater who is holding council at the time to complain about the arrest. The weapon smuggling was designed to help the city of Defiance to shore up its defences.

Amanda goes to see her sister, Kenya Rosewater who is entertaining Jeb at the time. After a discussion, they all depart. Someone complains to Kenya about one of the madams in the Needwant place. When Kenya confronts Tirra, the employee, Tirra runs off with Kenya following. The two women go outside and come across a Bioman. The Bioman tells the women to get lost but when they discover whats in the Bioman's vehicle, the two women are captured.

Jeb and Amanda start to look for Kenya the next day and discover Kenya's necklace around a person. When they confront the person, they are told about the Bioman. The only Bioman who is in Defiance works Datak Tarr so Jeb and Amanda pay Datak a visit. Datak refuses to help because he's not respected enough. Stahma Tarr suggests to Amanda that if Datak is respected then maybe Datak will help.

The next day, Datak and Jeb work together to investigate Amanda's disappearance. They discover that the Bioman is working out on the outskirts of the town.

Kenya and Tirra have been captured by a drug dealer who makes a drug from scarred individuals. The drug man has the two women attached to a machine that is intended to milk their anxiety by making them believed they are in a nightmare maze. Kenya manages to wake up and free herself. When the Bioman is about to confront Kenya, the Bioman is shot by Jeb who has found them.

Kenya discovers that the story about the necklace that she had been given when she was young was fake, the necklace isn't of St. Finegan but St. Christopher. Kenya confronts Amanda about the discovery.

At the next council meeting, Datak Tarr takes his place amongst the councillors then closes the door on Jeb. Jeb announces that its not Datak whose the dangerous one but Stahma.

Episode Details

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