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Beasts of Burden - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Mayor Pottinger is on the way back to Defiance with Berlin in a convoy. The convoy is attacked by men in ice hockey masks who take the cargo and flee after killing a couple of guards in the process. Pottinger returns to Defiance and asks Jeb Nolan to investigate the theft.

During the robbery, the thieves subject Pottinger to some humiliation. Later when Pottinger and Amanda Rosewater are alone, both share past displeasing histories with one another.

The stolen loot turns up at Rafe McCawley's home. The person behind the theft is Josef, god-son of Rafe McCawley. Rafe had done it to prevent the technology being used in the mine which would cause irreparable damage to the city. Rafe is understandably mad about it. Rafe tells Josef to leave town.

During an autopsy of one of the thieves by Doc Yewll, it is revealed that there is gulenite on the dead mans clothing. Jeb goes to visit Rafe and finds the stolen loot. When Josef pulls a gun on Jeb, Jeb disarms Josef and arrests him. Rafe manages to persuade Jeb to release Rafe which he does.

Jeb notifies Pottinger that he has recovered the loot and hands it over in the jail.

Josef kidnaps Berlin because she has evidence that Josef was involved. When news of the kidnapping is revealed, Jeb Nolan teams up with Rafe McCawley to rescue Berlin. After Berlin has been rescued, Josef is led away and then shot by Rafe.

The episode ends with Pottinger evicting Rafe McCawley from his house. Rafe had his suitcase ready as he knew what was going to happen.

Also in the episode, Datak Tarr tries to regain control of his business interests by killing one of his employees who disagreed with him. He killed the employee to reassert his control. Later on, Datak Tarr punishes Alak Tarr for his inability of controlling the business empire. Stahma Tarr and Alak Tarr turn the tables round on Datak by removing him from head of the business and beating him up.

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