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Bottom of the World - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Irisa breaks into a Earth Republic station and steals a Terraspace device. As Irisa is making her way out, Joshua Nolan catches Irisa and tricks the Earth Republic into thinking the thief has run away, returning the Terraspace object at the same time. Joshua handcuffs Irisa and her tagged along with her all the time. Joshua can't trust Irisa now.

Oflin has returned with two new husbands and is in Defiance to examine the mine. The examination takes place but there is an accident that causes Oflin, Amanda Rosewater and Pottinger to get trapped underground. Joshua Nolan and Rafe McCawley set about rescuing those trapped.

Irisa manages to escape and trick Tommy Lasalle into stealing the Terraspace object. Once Irisa has got the object, Irisa infects Tommy with the device that has infected lots of other people.

Diedre, the colleague of Alak Tarr is all over Alak when she visits the home. Alak is getting worried about her. Stahma Tarr witnesses the situation and goes to see her estranged husband Datak Tarr. Datak will only kill Diedre if Stahma allows Datak back home and back into bed with Stahma but Stahma is not willing to do it.

Before Joshua and Berlin are going to be lured down a hole to rescue the survivors, Joshua discovers the cave-in was no accident and Rafe says he'll deal with it. Rafe confronts his son Quentin who later forces Rafe to admit to Joshua that he (Rafe) caused the explosion. Joshua after the rescue arrests Rafe but he's not convinced he did the crime. It turns out that Quentin was behind the crime, he wanted his dad out of the way as his mother is to return to Defiance. Quentin's mother is played by Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame.

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