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Broken Bough - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Datak Tarr and his wife Stahma return to Defiance without their son Alak Tarr who is being held prisoner by General Rahm. When the Joshua Nolan sees the Tarrs, he vows to get Alak and the child back.

Joshua along with Irisa set out to rescue Alak and the child. Before they are able to take out Rahm, they are ambushed but are saved by Pilar McCrawley who offers them a place to stay. Pilar is played by Linda Hamilton who utters the line 'Come with me if you wish to live.' A phrase from Terminator.

Joshua and Irisa stay at the home of Pilar but Joshua is suspicious of Pilar and turns on her. Pilar is looking after Alak's child which they find the story of how she came to be to be a little suspect. When Joshua plans to leave, Irisa insists on the child coming.

Joshua and Irisa go to Rahm's camp and set about blowing the camp weapon up. They are unaware that Alak Tarr is being held in the base. Irisa breaks into the camp and sets explosives but before Joshua can blow them up, Pilar intervenes and Rahm is alerted.

Joshua is eventually successful in blowing up the weapon. Pilar is killed by Joshua as Pilar was intervening. Irisa and Joshua return to Defiance with the child and hands it over to the grandparents.

Amanda Rosewater and Berlin catch Datak Tarr seemingly trying to steal the towns weapons and arrest him. In fact, Datak Tarr was under orders from Rahm to infect the weapons with bugs to render them useless. Amanda eventually releases Datak Tarr after he promises to pledge allegiance to Defiance.

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