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Brothers in Arms - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

A bounty hunter has tracked down Pol Madis, a wanted Castithan war criminal to Defiance. When the bounty hunter captures Pol, Jeb Nolan arrives to take the criminal off the bounty hunters hands. The bounty hunter is Eddie Braddock, a close friend of Jeb's from during the war. Eddie is after Pol for the reward offered by the Earth Republic.

Whilst in prison, someone sneaks a packet of yellow powder into the cell through and open window. Later on, there's an explosion and Pol Madis has escaped. Tommy Lasalle who was guarding the prison was hurt but ok.

Pol Madis sneaks into Datak Tarr home and forces Datak to help him. Datak is poisoned and if Datak betrays Pol, the pain will increase until he is dead. When Eddie and Jeb turn up, Pol hides whilst the Lawmaker and the Bounty Hunter search but can't find Pol so they leave.

Someone's alerted the Earth Republic and they have turned up to collect Pol Madis. Amanda Rosewater is reunited with senior Earth Republican Conner Laing.

Pol has forced Datak to drive him to the outskirts of the town but they are soon chased by Jeb, Tommy, Irisa and Eddie in another vehicle. After catching up with Datak's car, they arrest Pol and Tommy takes Datak back.

There's a heated argument between Eddie and Jeb where Eddie reveals there's a bounty on Jebs head but Eddie won't be calling it in. Jeb discovers that Eddie was only handing Pol to whoever was going to pay highest not whoever was going to put him on trial. Jeb shoots Pol dead.

Earth Republic turn up and arrest Eddie and lead him away. In the vehicle containing Eddie, Eddie takes out a bag of yellow stuff that Pol used to blow his way out of prison.

When Quentin McCawley comes home, he is attacked by Birch who is a friend of Nicky, an old woman he met earlier. During the fight, Quentin kills Birch and then has to hide the body.

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