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Dead Air - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Datak Tarr and Stahma at the end of the previous episode were ordered to destroy the St. Louis arch which they carry out in this episode resulting in a number of deaths and injuries.

Joshua Nolan believes he has discovered a secret cache of weapons held by the Earth Republic and with Amanda Rosewater drive off to fetch them. The hoard is hidden underground and when they reach it, they are arrested by Biomen. The Biomen take them to Pottinger who had survived New York and is now the caretaker.

Irisa and Berlin are forced to work together to investigate the bombing. Irisa believes she has found the bomb fragments.

Pottinger seems happy to see them but eventually the darker side comes through. Pottinger wants Amanda to stay with him and has the Biomen beat up Joshua.

When General Rahm hears that the Omec have arrived in Defiance, he tells the Tarrs to kill the Omec. Stahma sets about poisoning the male Omec. The poison won't leave a trace. It is the same method that Stahma used to killed Kenya Rosewater at the end of the first series.

Episode Details

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