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Defiance - Doll Parts

Epsiode Synopsis

Diedre, the Need/Want employee that worked with Alak Tarr at the radio station is found dead after being thrown out of the top of the arc. The Earth Republic open an investigation but Joshua Nolan is too busy to investigate so Amanda Rosewater volunteers to become a deputy to which Joshua accept her request.

Amanda and Berlin examine the scene and Berlin discovers a video camera in the building which has some incriminating evidence of Alak Tarr. After first questioning and then not gettting the right answers, Alak Tarr is arrested and put in jail.

Joshua has located where Irisa is and is confronted by Tommy Lasalle who is under the influence of Irzu. When Joshua challenges Tommy, Tommy can't bring himself round to killing Johsua and the Irzu device leaves Tommys body. Joshua and Tommy set about rescuing Irisa from her camp. Joshua confronts Irisa and fights Suker whilst Tommy puts charges everywhere. At first, the charges don't work but eventually, the devices work and Tommy is able to knock out everyone. Tommy and Joshua escape with Irisa who is knocked out. When Irisa wakes up, she stabs Tommy but can't bring herself round to killing Joshua.

Stahma Tarr persuades a Castithan colleague to take the rap for the murder. Amanda Rosewater is unable to believe what the Castithan is saying but has to take his word for it. Alak Tarr is released from prison. Stahma Tarr thinks it was Datak Tarr who did the murder and vice versa but neither did it. Stahma had wanted Datak to do it.

It turns out that it was Christie McCawley who had killed Diedre to protect herself. Diedre had wanted to kill Christies unborn child so that Christies and Alak Tarr's marriage would be over so that Diedre could then sweep in and marry Alak Tarr. Christie was able to fight back with Diedre and in the end kill Diedre by throwing her out at the top of the arc.

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