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Down in the Ground where the Dead Men Go - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

In the previous episode, Pilot, Datak Tarr witnesses a fellow Castithan run from protecting the city. The Castithan is captured by his fellow Castithans who carry out a ritual on him. Irisa, Tommy Lasalle and Jeb Nolan are watching and intervene to stop the ritual but withdraw after Amanda Rosewater intervenes.

The Indogene who destroyed the shielding in the last episode escapes and heads towards the mines. Rafe McCawley takes Jeb Nolan into the mines of Defiance. The mines contained the remnants of the old city of St. Louis, Missouri.

Whilst waiting for Jeb to come back, Irissa intervenes in the ritual and rescues the cowardly Castithan with the help of Tommy.

Jeb and Rafe catch up with Ben and prepare to arrest him. Ben is about to explode a bomb at the old city nuclear plant which would result in the destruction of Defiance but Jeb manages to stop him. Rafe wants to kill him but Jeb manages to persuade him not to, however when they are off guard, Ben launches himself at Rafe and gets killed.

Jeb returns to the town to see a stand-off between Datak and Irisa at the prison. Amanda arrives and is able to call a halt to the hostilities. Datak retreats and it seems like its over.

The coward Castithan has a last meeting with his family then walks off with Datak. The coward is later found dead outside the jail.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeDefiance - Pilot
Next EpisodeThe Devil in the Dark

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