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Everything is Broken - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Jeb Nolan and Tommy Lasalle are on the trail of Irisa when they come to a Irathien camp and find Irisa. The humans are not welcome because of what happened to Suker in a previous episode, that is he was shot.

Datak Tarr has won the election against Amanda Rosewater. Datak welcomes Colonel Marsh of the Earth Republic into Defiance. Datak Tarr believes that the Earth Republic are after the minerals in the camp, he is unaware of what they really want.

Earth Republic soldiers move in on the Irathien camp and arrest everyone including Tommy. Irisa and Jeb watch from bushes. After the leader has killed an Irathien, Irisa reveals herself to prevent them from killing Tommy.

Kenya threatens to tell Datak about them which will be mean bad consequences for Stahma so Stahma plans to kill Kenya. Stahma Tarr pleads with Kenya Rosewater to run away from Defiance with her. The two women meet in a forrest later to get away. Stahma gives Kenya a flask to drink from but Kenya believes it contains poison, Kenya is correct but the flask container contains the poison, not the actual water. Kenya slowly dies in Stahma's arms.

Irisa is taken back to Defiance to be operated on so that the artifacts that are inside her are removed. Doc Yewll carries out the removal surgery but is unsuccessfully.

Jeb along with Rafe McCawley launch a raid to rescue Irisa. They are successful in rescuing Irisa but both men are hurt, it looks like Jeb is dead. Irisa sees the girl that has been plaguing her memories run off so she follows her. The girl takes her to the mine and to Suker who is awake. Suker tells Irisa to carry on. Inside the girl reveals herself to be Irzu, an Irathien deity. Irisa removes the two artifacts from her, a silver and a gold, walks through a door. In the other room, Irisa throws down the artifacts into a green hole.

Jeb Nolan wakes up from being dead and is unable to find Irisa. Earth Republic vehicles move in on Defiance.

Episode Details

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