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Good Bye Blue Sky - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Suker is driving a long dust track when it begins to rain missiles down on the ground. Suker is hurt and gets to cover, when he looks up, there is Irisa. Irisa then wakes up and it turns out to be a nightmare.

Alak Tarr and his fiancé Christie McCawley are in the radio room discussing about Castithan tradition of bathing together. Alak says its tradition and will be over quick but Christie still doesn't like it.

Irisa tells Jeb Nolan that Suker is in trouble and that she's going to see him. Jeb agrees to join her. When they reach Suker's village, Irisa is told that Suker is dead and that preparations for his funeral must begin but Jeb can't take part, Jeb goes home. Jeb alerts Amanda Rosewater that a Razor storm is coming. Razor storm is when object rather than rain fall from the sky.

During the funeral, Suker's body is wrapped in cloth and lowered in acid. During the cleaning process, Suker wakes up and is alive. Suker persuades Irisa to join him and go back to Defiance.

Stahma Tarr visits Kenya Rosewater to ask that someone teach Alak Tarr, her son the intimacies of sex. Kenya refuses to tell Alak about this, letting to find out for himself. Stahma says she is offended by what Kenya has said and storms off but eventually, the two sit down and talk out their differences.

Nicky turns up to see Rafe McCawley and reveals to him that she is looking for Birch but can't find him. Later on, Quentin McCawley reveals to his father that he killed Birch and hid his body. Quentin killed Birch in the previous episode and is getting hallucinations of Luke, his brother killed in the first episode to kill Birch. Rafe is not angry at his son.

During the storm, Tommy Lasalle was hit and injured by a projectile but he will live and is taken to medicine.

Suker has taken Irisa back to Defiance and is bent on collecting items even if it means killing people on route. Once he has got the items, he goes to the radio studio where Alak is to send a signal. Jeb believes Suker wants to call down a falling Ark onto Defiance. In fact, Suker wants to deflect the Ark. Jeb prevents Suker from carrying out his mission by knocking him off the top of the Arch.

Doc Yewll reveals why Suker came back alive earlier and recovered from a shotgun wound earlier in Defiance, he was infected by Nannites, small robotic items that can repair injuries. The Nannites are shut down now and won't fully repair Suker.

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