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Defiance - I Almost Prayed

Epsiode Synopsis

News that New York has been obliterated has reached Defiance and the order goes out to kill Irisa who is believed to be behind the destruction. Joshua Nolan believes he can bring in Irisa without killing her but both Amanda Rosewater and Pottinger disagree. The disagreement leads to a stand off between Amanda and Joshua, with both holding hostages.

Joshua's plan is to use the Irathien Cai to separate the Kinzi device that is inside Irisa and then send Cai away so the device can't merge again. Cai has visions of long ago of when the Irathiens first arrived on Earth and an attempt to colonize it.

Pilar McCawley is talking to Stahma Tarr and when they start arguing, Datak Tarr tells them to leave. Pilar wants Christie McCawley and Alak Tarr to come with her and Quentin to another town where they will be happy. Alak and Christie don't want to them go. Pilar leaves the Tarrs home.

Pilar eventually kidnaps the young couple and leave. When news of the kidnapping comes to the Tarrs, Datak Tarr decides to take things into his hands.

Rafe McCawley is lined up to be executed when Berlin arrives to prevent it from happening but ends up being lined up too. Before the execution goes ahead, Datak Tarr arrives and kills the executioners. The Tarrs and Rafe McCawley drive off after Pilar McCawley.

Amanda confronts Doc Yewll in regards to why an Indogene pretended to be Kenya Rosewater. Yewll took responsibility, allowing the real culprit, Pottinger off the hook. After the confrontation, the three go off in search of Irisa. When the three eventually find Irisa, Joshua and Cai catch up and prevent the first three from killing Irisa.

Joshua, Cai and Irisa enter the Irathien ship where they set about disabling the ship. In completing the objective, the ship falls apart. Joshua and Irisa hide in a bubble to protect them from the falling debris.

Amanda, Pottinger and Yewll return to Defiance knowing its safe.

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