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If You Could See Through My Eyes - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

After Datak Tarr sleeps with Jalina, the family's maid, Datak wakes up to find Jalina dead outside his abode with her eyes missing. After Doc Yewll has seen the body, Datak Tarr turns to Rafe McCawley to help dispose of the body. Rafe acknowledges that the only reason he's helping is so that Rafe can get the weapons he's been promised.

Irisa draws the person she's been seeing in her head. Rynn who has turned up, tells Irisa that the person is here and so Irisa goes in search of him. When Irisa touches the head of the man, Irisa sets more of the past when some Irathiens overthrew their colleagues to take control of a spaceship. Later on, Rynn disappears so Joshua Nolan and Irisa investigate. Stahma Tarr also reports the disappearance of Jalina to Joshua to investigate.

Deidre, the human colleague of Alak Tarr continues to drive a wedge between Alak Tarr and his wife Christie McCawley. Christie dresses up as an Castithan and attends a party, the same party that the Earth Republic Viceroy attends. Christie and Viceroy become acquaintances and dance with one another. At the end of the program, Alak Tarr ends up in bed with Diedre.

Joshua Nolan and Irisa manages to save Rynn from having her eyes gouged out. The Doctor stabs Irisa who eventually makes a recovery. The doctor performing the eye removal runs away into the path of Datak Tarr who blinds the doctor by pushing the eyes in. At the end of the program, Joshua grabs Irisa and cuts her to find out that she can self-heal.

Episode Details

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