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I Just Wasn't Made for These Times - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Following on from the previous episode, Jeb Nolan and Tommy Lasalle travel to where the spaceship crashed. When they get there, they find a near naked man in a cocoon which they release him from. The person is identified as being Gordon McClintlock, a famous astronaut who went missing in 2013 when the aliens first arrived. Gordon is played by Brian J. Smith whose more famous for playing Matthew Scott in Stargate universe.

When Gordon is taken to Defiance, Doc Yewll gives him the once over to check he's okay before allowing him to leave. Gordon becomes a celebrity with everyone trying to meet him and have a photograph taken with him. Jeb and Amanda Rosewater take Gordon to stay with Rafe McCawley at his home.

That night, both Amanda and Jeb stay the night. During the night, Gordon has nightmares of being experimented on by Indogenes, the same race as Yewll. During the night, Gordon wakes up and walks to Amanda and starts strangling her. Jeb manages to get to Gordon before he is able to succeed in killing Amanda. Jeb takes Gordon to the jail and locks him up.

Later on, there's another fight and Jeb discovers that Gordon has silver blood, blood that Yewll has. Jeb goes to see Yewlll to get some answers. It turns out Gordon is a disguised Indogene, one that the Voltans would hope be able to get information about the human race that they could use to conquer the planet.

Gordon manages to escape the jail and steals Jeb's weapon. Gordon goes to the mines that Rafe McCawley own. Rafe tracks him Gordon down and persuades Gordon not to commit suicide. Rafe reports back that Gordon has died.

Connor Laing from the Earth Republic is trying to persuade Amanda Rosewater to come back with him to be a senior official in the Earth Republic but Amanda is holding out.

Stahma Tarr and Kenya Rosewater continue their affair. When Datak Tarr goes to see Kenya, Datak Tarr is refused his time but is offered someone else. Datak refuses and goes home to complain to his wife. Stahma complains to Kenya.

Jeb Nolan interrogates Yewll but is forced to put it on hold when sick people enter the hospital.

Gordon visits the home of an old woman who is turns out is the woman in his visions of the person he had become.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeIf I Ever Leave This World Alive

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