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Defiance - In My Secret Life

Epsiode Synopsis

Jeb Nolan and Irisa arrive back at Defiance but the town is now protected by Earth Republic. When they try to enter the town, Irisa is arrested and put in jail. The new mayor, Mayor Pottinger offers Jeb Nolan a proposition, find out who is carrying out terrorist attacks in the city then Irisa can go free.

Datak Tarr is still in prison along with Doc Yewll. Stahma comes to visit him but she is unable to do anything about the situation, its all in the hands of the lawyers.

When Pottinger comes to visit the prison, Datak Tarr takes the opportunity to try and get out of jail by saving Pottinger from a staged attempt on Pottingers life. Pottinger sees through the attempt and doesn't award Datak his freedom.

Alak Tarr is trying to control his fathers empire but his mother, Stahma Tarr keeps interfering. When Skevur doesn't pay up, Alak doesn't punish the Castithan, instead giving Skevur more time to pay up. When Skevur finds the money and is beaten up, Alak confronts his mother.

Jeb Nolan manages to trace the origins of the creatures that were being used in the terrorist bomb attacks to the mine that was formaly owned by Rafe McCawley. Jeb tracks down and eliminating the terrorist treat and Irisa is freed.

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